Couture Collective (Co.Co.) is a revolution in fashion ownership.

Each fall and spring, we offer our members fractional shares in the newest looks from the hottest designers. When the season’s over, it’s time for a whole new wardrobe.

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Start Fresh Each Season

Members are invited to view and try on iconic designs from the upcoming season at our biannual pop-up fashion shows or request up to five items delivered to you to try on at home.

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Five shares of each expertly curated designer item are available to members for 20% of the retail price. Beautifully maintained and impeccably stored, your clothes are delivered to your door whenever you want them.

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On-Demand Delivery

Pre-reserve your items using our online calendar up to five times a season. Or request on-demand delivery 24-hours in advance anytime your items are available.

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Find the perfect piece for one special night, or forever.
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Need a Dress for One Night?

All unsold item shares in an item are valued at five wearings each. Single wearings are available for 10% of the retail price.

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End-of-Season Sale

Keep Your Favorites

Final purchase of an item is available for an additional 70% off the retail price and is offered on a first-come basis. Members must pay for their purchase upon reservation but must wait until the end of the season to keep their item.

Isn’t it time your closet was as smart as you are?
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