Membership Policies

All memberships are at the invitation of Couture Collective (Co.Co.) and subject to the terms and conditions of the “Membership Agreement” as set out below:

Membership is subject to approval upon application to Couture Collective. All applications must be accompanied by a valid credit card authorization form. Upon approval, a yearly membership fee of $250 will be charged and the member will be able to access the current Co.Co. Collection and add items to her virtual closet by purchasing a share in that item.

Termination by Member

A member may terminate membership at any time. If you wish to de-activate your account, please contact

Termination by Co.Co.

A violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement may result in a suspension or termination of your membership privileges.

Share Purchase

The share purchase for an Item will be 20% of the retail price of the Item, plus applicable sales tax. Purchase of a share in any Co.Co. item entitles the owners to five reserved wearings. No more than five (5) shares will be sold in any single item and access to an item’s calendar will be first-come- first-served for reservation priority. Every effort will be made to minimize “down time” for your purchased item, but proper inspection, cleaning and care between flights along with delivery windows will require between 3-5 days between reservations.

Late Fees

Items that are not returned on time interfere with other owners’ rights and privileges and cause problems with the Co.Co. membership model. All items are expected to be ready for local pick-up 48 hours after delivery unless it is reserved for consecutive flights. Items that are not ready for pick-up or returned within two business days of delivery will be considered Late and will incur a Late Fee of $100 per day until the item is returned. Items kept for twenty (14) days beyond the date of expected return will be considered a Non-Return and the member’s account will be charged the full retail price of the garment minus her original share purchase price, in addition to the already incurred Late Fees. Late Fees will not be refunded in the case of a Non-Return, but retained in order to expedite a replacement for the other owner members.

Delivery and Cleaning

Members should not undertake to clean any garment themselves. All members agree to pay any additional cleaning costs associated with their wearing. While a standard cleaning cost will be displayed along with each item, any additional care deemed necessary such as spot cleaning or minor garment repair is at the discretion of Hallak Couture Cleaners, where the items will be inspected and stored. Local Delivery and Pickup are free as indicated in each item’s “more information” section. Fed-ex two-day shipping charges are charged to the member and will arrive with return packaging and instructions.

Loss or Irreparable Damage to Property

Minor Repairs

Upon purchasing a share in a Co.Co. item, you agree to take the utmost care with the garment, as you would your own. The nature of high couture fashion requires that dressing, undressing and storage while in your possession meet a certain standard. Please review our Care and Courtesy section below. Minor issues such as treatable stains, tiny rips or stuck zippers will be repaired and incur a repair charge to the member. You are responsible for any loss, damage, destruction or theft of the garment.

Irreparable Damage

At the time of your purchase of a share in an Item, a member authorizes Co.Co. to charge her payment card for an amount equal to 110% of the original retail value of the Item (when new) plus applicable sales taxes, in case of irreparable damage or loss. Co.Co. must be notified immediately in the case of major damage or loss to avoid Late Fees which are not refundable.

Care and Courtesy

Please refrain from spot cleaning your garment. Please do not apply an iron directly to the garment. Please apply perfume before putting on your garment. Please use paper shields when sliding your garment over make-up. Please refrain from sitting directly on bamboo or concrete seats as they can snag delicate fabrics (requesting an extra napkin usually does the trick). Please hang up your garment after wearing.